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Stop Fleas

Bathing and Grooming

Professional Pet Grooming

Why make you pets miserable from having fleas when they are so easy to prevent? Not only do fleas infest your pets they can and will infest you and your house. So use a monthly topical to prevent and infestation.  

Brushing your pet regularly helps with preventing their fur from matting. Brushing will save them from the pain that mattes can cause. It will also help get them used to being brushed during their groom and they will be more relaxed.  

Welcome to Pampered Paws Pet Salon LLC. We are located in Smock, PA. Our goal is to give your pets a quality groom with out you having to pay a outrageous price. We make sure that while your pet is here that we will do everything we can to make their experience as stress free as possible. We work with them to show them that grooming isn't a bad thing and that there is nothing for them to be scared about. While your pet is here they will be treated as one of our own. We don't treat them as a assembly line, we take our time and spend time with each one to show them we care about them.  

                      Pampered Paws Pet Salon LLC

Oral Care


Having your pet on a regular  bathing and grooming schedule helps prevent and helps notice any skin issue they may have. It also helps prevents them from matting.

Brushing your pets teeth and giving them dental chews/treats help prevent them from having dental and gum problems. Any type of dental problem can be very painful for your pet and can be very expensive to treat.